Monday, November 26, 2012

Mix Monday: Duke Dumont - Mix for Studio Brussels

Every now and then with these Monday mixes, I like to post something that satisfies my music itch. If you've been following the show, you've probably noticed Duke Dumont popping up quite a bit in the playlists. His sound is commanding and there's a nice little sass in there. No matter how many times I hear "The Giver," it's never enough. This mix features several Duke Dumont tracks. The only thing is, I wish I got my dose of "Reclamation of the Trance." I'll put that at the end. Enjoy.

Duke Dumont Mix For Studio Brussels by Duke Dumont

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playlist: "Eclecticism" 11/25/2012

Holy smokes! This is the last show for November! This month was all sorts of messed up because of the hurricane and loss of power. Everything just seemed to fly by, and now it's basically over. Well, December is one of the best months in my opinion. Thanksgiving is really just pregaming for the holidays that follow. Hopefully you enjoyed the show, and come back next week. The end of the year is looking good for Eclecticism. Here's the playlist from tonight:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mix Monday: Cyclist - November Bikeride :::mixtape:::

Cyclist is always great go to for some funky house disco. This mix is the second installment of these "Bikeride" mixes. November really gets going from the start just spiral into a deeper and deeper groove. The end gets pretty intense with the Zombie Disco Squad Remix of Mike Mago into Chris Malinchak. Delicious. Head over to facebook to grab this one. While you're there, grab some of his other tracks.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Playlist: "Eclecticism" 11/18/2012

Thanks for catching the show! Sorry about the delay in posting the playlist. For some reason, my computer didn't want to hook up to the internet at the station. Technology fail. Anyway, check out the playlist, and grab the free download of Le Nonsense's new track. It was such a great vibe to kick off the show. Enjoy!

Eos (Original Mix) by Le Nonsense

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mix Monday: Poolside - Seasons Change (Fall/Winter 2012 Mixtape)

Poolside's new Seasons Change mix sets a different tone as the colder months approach. Obviously the weather in New Jersey has been crazy, but last week's snowfall had me excited for winter. Everything about the season leads to cozy. This mix is filled with a lot of chill, relaxing tunes making it perfect for late nights and curling up under a blanket before bed. Since there's no more snow on the ground, I guess it's time to grab that blanket.

Poolside - Seasons Change (Fall/Winter 2012 Mixtape) by Poolside

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Playlist: "Eclecticism" 11/11/2012

The best part about not doing a show for a couple of weeks is that the next one is packed with goodness. Tonight's show was no different, and after dealing with mother nature's wrath, I was excited to play some tunes. Enjoy the playlist!