Monday, October 22, 2012

Mix Monday: Koobra YleX XmiX - October 2012

Koobra was an instant favorite when I first heard the track "Nightrunning." It has such a great energy. (Keep reading to listen to that one.) If only there were more tracks. There were a lot of good mixes today, but I can never get enough Koobra-time. This mix oozes with lush, driving house, and who doesn't love that? It's a great way to start the week. More please.

Koobra YleX XmiX - October 2012 by Koobra

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Playlist: "Eclecticism" 10/21/2012

I have to be honest, this was up there on the list of best shows I've done. Hopefully you caught this one. There was a lot of what I like to refer to as "dripping, drooling synthesizers." I've been feeling a lot of that lush and dreamy stuff. For this year's CMJ Music Marathon, I made it out to the Ghostly International/Cascine Showcase. Aside from nearly passing out from the heat and the people packed into Le Baron, the show was fantastic. It cleared out a bit halfway through. And thank goodness, because Chad Valley was absolutely amazing. Too many people can sometimes ruin these things. I'll definitely be seeing him live again. Enjoy this playlist, I  know I will.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mix Monday: Andrew Clarke - Night Mix

Recently, I've noticed most of my music listening is at night. You can see where this is going, but I'm glad I found this new Andrew Clarke mix when I did. It's perfect. The name of it doesn't matter. It's filled with some wonderful moody, hypnotic deep house tracks that'll work for whatever you're doing while you're up at night. One of my favorites is the starter, "Same Old Place" by Genius in Time. And honestly, it just keeps going from there. Good stuff. Enjoy the rest of your night.

Night Mix by Andrew Clarke

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playlist: "Eclecticism" 10/14/2012

This week's show was pretty awesome, hopefully it pulled you away from The Walking Dead premiere, but I have I feeling it didn't. It's okay, if it weren't for the show tonight, I would have been watching too. But I have to hold out for the re-run.

Tonight's show featured three or four tracks from my latest music find from Luv Shack Records. It's their first release, but check out their more recent releases. Enjoy!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Mix Monday: MNQN x NEON Exclusive Mixtape July 2012

Obviously it isn't July, but this is the most recent mix from Switzerland's Mannequine. Even though I've been trying to get away from the beach, this doesn't have too many tracks that I would consider summer tracks. This mix is really solid. There's a lot of lush, atmospheric, yet extremely groovy house music with some drool-worthy basslines, which is exactly what I'm craving with the falling temperatures.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Playlist: "Eclecticism" 10/7/2012

Thanks for catching the show tonight! I've been lacking on the posts, but this week's show had a lot of direction from Perseus's latest mix. Check it out, and here's the playlist from tonight's show:

Perseus: i-D Online Mix [9.12] by PERSEUS

Monday, October 01, 2012

Mix Monday: The Vitalic Noise 'Family Ties' Mixtape

October crept up fast. September wasn't really an active music month for me. I apologize for slacking on my Monday mix to kickoff the past couple of weeks. Hey, sometimes you just aren't feeling it.

This Monday, I'm back on, and it apparently coincides with the re-lauch of Vitalic Noise. To showcase some of their artists, they released this flawless mix. It's available to download for free, but most of the tracks remain a mystery. However, one of the identified tracks led to me acquiring an album, so it's not a complete letdown. It's still a great mix to kickoff the week.

The Vitalic Noise 'Family Ties' Mixtape by Vitalic Noise